30 Years In DRTV


Let’s Get Acquainted

I spent my initial years with CBS Broadcasting in Chicago. I sold media, produced video and put together National Campaigns for major brand. I graduated to a platform called IPG where I handled national brands and multi-channel marketing on a national level.  Following a tremendously successful traditional career I moved on to a DRTV and never looked back. The running problem was always, how do you know if your ad spend is working. DRTV scratched that itch and as I got more involved the love for it grew daily. 
I’ve participated in hundreds of millions of dollars in success, produced over 1000 commercials, been in factories in China on behalf of brands & have successfully launched my own.  My experience allows the chosen few to minimize mistakes and maximize ROI. 
Today I consult with customers looking to bridge the gap in their up and coming or already running campaigns.  My decades of experience in DRTV can add some polish and efficiency to a campaign but more importantly you’ll winning moves only experience can provide.  I don’t take on just any customers but love to talk so even if we don’t work together I’m happy to blab away on my experience and if you can pick up even one nugget that helps I’m at peace.

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